Tool life analysis of cold milling machine for asphalt pavement

Asphalt pavement milling machine is a road maintenance machine that uses rotary tools to remove the surface material of asphalt pavement.
The cutter of the milling machine is composed of 4 parts: a cutter head, a cutter body, a retainer and an elastic sleeve. Cemented carbide finger tips are fixed to the cylindrical alloy steel cutter body by brazing, which directly mills the road surface material; the retainer separates the cutter body from the cutter seat to protect the cutter seat from abrasion; the tool is installed on the cutter seat In the middle, the tool is tightly fitted into the mounting hole of the tool holder through the elastic sleeve, and the tool body can be rotated in the elastic sleeve to ensure that the tool wears uniformly during the milling operation. The cutter rotates with the rotor and loads on the material to be milled. As the movement progresses (the cutter rotates and the milling machine travels), the pavement material is crushed and chipped alternately to form milling.
The early damage of the tool has the form of chipping, cutting off, excessive wear of the tool head and the tool holder.

Factors affecting tool life
Major causes of early tool damage
1) It is not selected according to the hardness of the milling pavement material
Matching tools cause abnormal wear of the tools.
2) Insufficient cooling water causes thermal erosion of the cutter head.
3) The milling speed does not match the milling depth, resulting in wear of the tool and tool holder.
4) Sand particles are stuck between the cutter body and the elastic sleeve, and the cutter body cannot rotate during milling, resulting in eccentric wear of the cutter.

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